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Well, let’s get the initial bit out of the way. I’m John Gaskell (or Johnny G to some people on various forums across the world). I’m a thirty-something IT nerd who loves cars, motorsport, fine foods and the company of his loved ones.

I’m happily engaged to my beautiful fiancée, Ana. The love of my life. I love my cars (currently, Nissan GT-R and BMW 730d), my motorsports – mainly Formula 1.

I write my blogs and maintain this site and others using BlogPad Pro. I’m never one to champion software unless I think it’s needed, but BlogPad Pro really knocks spots off the stock WordPress app.

Over the next pages, you’ll see all sorts of stuff, ranging from rants and spouts about various topics – anything and everything goes. My views can be sometimes borderline, often sarcastic – nearly always benign. My political stance of right of centre. If you’ve any questions, just give me a shout and ask – I’ll make a page with response. You will also see a few posts from various city breaks and holidays that I take with Ana throughout the year – and finally there’s a few pages linking to other sites that I’ve created for friends and clients. If you want me to do some work for you, I can always offer to help, or put you in touch with people who can.


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