Rome. What an amazing, beautiful and historic city – filled with idiotic drivers, con-artist centurions and the slowest baggage reclaim known to man.

Let me clarify, though. I’d thoroughly advocate anyone and everyone going to Rome with two caveats. Firstly, don’t go in the middle of summer – you’ll melt. Secondly, when you’re there, don’t speak to anyone in a costume and don’t sign anything. You’ll end up being asked for a ludicrous amount of money for it. That brings me on to the next point, if you’ve been stung for some money, you’ll want a coffee. If that’s the case, don’t go for one by The Vatican. You’ll get charged €10 per latte.

Stay to the honest, small café’s, not the big, bold ones. Go to the lovely restaurants, with the local, friendly, rustic feel to them. Get your gelato and pastries from the side-road-shops and Rome becomes simply one of the best cities in the world.

Top tip: Use TripAdvisor to determine where to eat. Use your providers Euro Internet Pass (I’m with and it was first-class. Google maps, Trip Advisor, Instagram and Twitter, all you can use abroad for £5/day. Perfect.

Thanks to lovely fiancée for taking me to Rome. You’re amazing.

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