Idiots on Toll Roads and Tunnels

To me, this is a beauty, the Toll Road/Tunnel idiot. You’re driving a long in your car (BTW, I’m sorry, but I’ve just bought an Audi to replace my BMW – long story) and you’re in a toll road/tunnel/whatever, why is it the people in front, sometimes, fumble around looking for money and spend ages doing so.

Two classics for me on routes I use most are the Mersey Tunnel from where I live to where my fiancée lives, and the M6 Toll Road which runs down part of the Midlands in the UK. Both of them allow you to enter and pay at the “far” end of the run and many, many times there’s always some absolute cecil who goes on the road, knowing full well that they have to pay at the other end, then goes to a booth, then fumbles around looking for the money. You see them routing around inside their car, and it bugs me to hell. The M6 Toll road is around 20 miles, the Mersey Tunnel takes 4-5 minutes to get through. It’s hardly a surprise. You can’t go on it by accident, you can’t be duped into going on there. So therefore it shouldn’t be a sodding surprise when you arrive at the booth at the far end to pay.

Yes, it’s petty, yes there are bigger problems in the world, but sometimes the small things annoy me the most.

As I’m writing this, I realise Ana is coming to my house tonight, so she can worry about the idiots at the booths!

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