Rush Hour Traffic

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After a week of shocking commutes, there’s a distinct trend I’ve found for the reasoning behind a build up of traffic.

Awful lane discipline
People on our roads need to understand that the left lane isn’t a slow lane, it’s not for poor people. It’s the fucking default lane that you should be in, unless you want to pass. Read the Highway Code: The Outside Two Lanes Are For Overtaking Only.
That brings me on to the fannys who hog the middle lane. I know I’ve ranted about these bellends before, but fuck me, how hard is it to look left, see absolutely fuck all there and think “I should be there, shouldn’t I?”. But no, they sit there in there invisible neck brace, looking forward, no mirror checks, no awareness, nothing. If that’s not driving without due care and attention, what is? It’s autopilot, but the worse kind, it vacant autopilot. We need to enforce this law against lane hogging, or legalise undertaking.
Finally on lane discipline: those who go from lane three to their turn off at the last possible minute. You know the type, flying down Lane three, not the fast lane,
Lane three, at Mach 2 and then cut across everyone to get to their turn off just in time, where their rear tyres just clip the painted white seperator lines, causing everybody else to brake or take avoiding action. Combine these with the equally plebish lane 3 traffic crawlers, who sit in lane three at 5mph, refusing to move left to their turn off until the last possible moment. It all adds up to a farce on our highways.

Poor motorway design
For the most part, our transport infrastructure isn’t bad. It’s old, but it’s still better than the majority of the roads around the world, having travelled a lot, I can attest to it. However, there are some PISS FUCKING POOR designs of motorway junctions. A good example, fresh in my mind is the M62, eastbound by Warrington and the M6. It’s three lanes before the first junction, then there’s a join to the Motorway from Warrington, whereby it goes to 4 lanes. Pretty good, or so you’d think, except that it in about 0.6 miles, it branches off into the M6, so all the cars in lanes 1, 2 and 3 wait until AFTER the Warrington junction to immediately head left, some going across 4 lanes. Not to mention those who’ve just joined wanting to go right so they can avoid going down the M6 and stay on the M62. Once that bit is cleared, it then reduces from 3 lanes to 2, so that the M6 can merge with the M62 eastbound, except they have 2 joining lanes, which then means it’s 2 lanes more traffic, trying to co-exist. Lane 1 of 2 has a feed of traffic merging with it, then a new Lane 1 appears purely with M6 traffic. Lane 3, which was Lane 2, now just has M62 traffic. It’s horrendous, and is a shocking piece of design. The only remedy I can foresee is a speed-controlled zone of 50mph to ensure that there no huge speed differentials and that people can try to get across without causing others to take avoiding action.

Trucks in traffic
Firstly, I know a couple of HGV drivers, and they’re all decent people. But, in the name of all things holy, please keep in lane 1 when there’s a tailback/very slow moving traffic. Having an HGV in Lane 2 really does cause significantly more delays. Huge gaps appear to cars in front of the HGVs, cars from Lane 1 and 3 move into 2, which then ends up not moving at all because the HGV can’t move, so cars in Lane 2 move into Lanes 1 and 3. If the Wagons moved left and single-filed until the flow came back, then it would surely be better?
Finally, we need to introduce a minimum speed limit on the roads. People are reported for excess speed by the Police, as it’s apparently dangerous. But, what about those limp-wristed clowns who sit with their arms straight, back straight, 90 degree upright at 55mph in rush hour. HGV’s have to pull out and pass, which then causes hold ups in Lane 2. Simply sit at 60mph and avoid the need for HGV’s to pull out and pass? If you dip below this, you should get an amended version of an SP70. The speed limit on the motorways and dual carriageways should be enforced with a minimum limit of 60mph.

Whoever the Minister for Transport is this week, get your mince pies on this article…
Happy Christmas

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