New Years Honours List

Where the hell do I start with this New Years Honours List? It’s ridiculous! What ever happened to the “Unsung Hero”? To the person you’ve never heard of getting a gong? The whole thing is a bloody shambles, and stinks of public relations, image portrayal, positive action and a hint of inverse/reverse sexism (if such a thing actually exists? It does in my mind, like a lot of things).

Taking a few of the highlighted people:

Pete Tong.
Really? Services to music!? Have you heard his stuff? His early stuff was quite good, then he believed his own hype, mixed the same style of the new stuff and got paid £10,000 per night in Ibiza for it. Hardly an unsung hero. An alternative? Go and see the guys who do volunteer work on Hospital Radio. JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Ruth Jones.
Oh piss off. JG Verdict – Underserved.

Barry and Margaret Mizen
The parents of the murdered teenager, Jimmy, are tireless in spreading of their message through the Forgiveness Project. REAL unsung heroes. JG Verdict – Deserved.

Kevin McCloud
The presenter for Grand Designs on Channel 4 gets his award for the work he’s done on sustainability. But, I’m yet to hear anything of a major breakthrough, or know if he’s done this unfunded? I know he’s set something up in Swindon, which he featured on his own TV show, so it’s a little self-serving for me. JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Rachel Yankey
Footballer, plays for Arsenal Women and England and is the most capped footballer for her country, doing this out of the limelight on a fraction of the money that the prima-donnas in the Premier League are on, without any of the hassle and paving the way for other women to follow. A great role model for women wanting to get into Football. JG Verdict – Deserved.

Katherine Jenkins
A stunningly beautiful woman, with an angelic voice in a genre that bores me to death. Yes, she’s a headliner but I think she’s been promoted more on looks than voice, now, I’m not saying she can’t sing; she clearly can, but she’s hardly held back with her looks. She earns a very healthy living from her sales and concerts, so not really unsung (pun intended). JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Sandi Toksvig
Anyone remember Ethel from Number 73? Those in their mid 30’s or older might. That’s all I really remember her for, apart from a few appearances here and there on satirical shows like “Have I Got News For You”, or comedy quiz shows like “QI”. If you call that services to Broadcasting, then please, add someone like Stephen Fry, who has done far more for Broadcasting than Sandi. JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Lynda Bellingham
Whilst it’s nice that Lynda is rewarded for Charity work, why is it the celebrities who are rewarded and not the day-and-night helpers, campaigners, etc who are there day in, day out for Charities? Give the award to a real charity hero, not a woman famous for adding some water to granuals and then riding that gravy boat on to Loose Women. JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Karren Brady
Lord Sugar’s trusted aide; a very smart, astute woman who has pushed her way through in a male dominated world and made a huge success and a bundle of cash. However, she’s not only female entrepreneur, so is this a precedent? Will we get an award now for any woman who is a successful entrepreneur and introduces George Osborne’s next speech? She does deserve some recognition and praise, but a CBE? JG Verdict – Unsure, ask Lord Sugar.

Nicholas Parsons
See Lynda Bellingham.

David Bernstein
The former head of the Football Association, the biggest Old Boys Club ever. It’s no surprise to see him here. A former Chief Executive of French Connection before heading to the FA, means he’s a wealthy man, who was again highly paid to oversee an organisation of Good Ol’ Boys. JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Julie Bailey
This lady rose to prominence as she tirelessly campaigned for a public inquiry into standards of care at Stafford Hospital and campaigned for improvements. JG Verdict – Deserved.

Michael Crawford
See Nicholas Parsons.

Penelope Keith
Shakes head. Is she the only female actor? There are far better, unrewarded, actresses than her? She’s made a few semi decent programs, all a long time ago and hung around since. Hardly pioneered anything, she’s not the Jodie Foster of her time, or a Joan Collins, is she? JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Angela Lansbury
Jessica fucking Fletcher. The biggest jinx on the planet! I tell you, if I checked in to a hotel and saw her, I’d run. Really, what has she done for BRITAIN? She was born here, but then left to follow a career in the US, in one show. She’s not given anything back to the UK, and doesn’t rely on the UK for a living. She tossed the UK aside to live in the US. Penelope Keith is more deserving, and I never thought I’d ever say that. JG Verdict – Undeserved.

Michael Codron
A film and theatre producer, known for his productions of the early work of Harold Pinter, Christopher Hampton, David Hare, Simon Gray and Tom Stoppard. He was previously a CBE so he was already Michael Codron CBE, was there a need to add a knighthood to this? JG Verdict – Unsure, don’t know enough about him.

Keir Starmer
This man is a QC is a barrister in England and Wales and the Director of Public Prosecutions and the sixth head of the Crown Prosecution Service on 1 November 2008 for a five-year term. A high power, low (mainstream) limelight position that does require a lot of time, effort and patience. I think this is correct that he was rewarded as it’s incredibly hard job, with only a handful of suitable candidates. Yes, the law is an ass, but on the whole, it works. JG Verdict – Deserved.

There are many others, but there’s still always been notable exception for me. John Surtees. Given what people have been Knighthoods in the sporting world; Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Henry Cooper, Sir Roger Bannister, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Nick Faldo, Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss, etc, what does John Surtees need to do in order to be Knighted? The first man to win a world title on 2 and 4 wheels? An astonishing achievement.

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