Ashiya King

Ashiya King, the child who’s parents took him from hospital, is dying. His parents are basically waiting to be prosecuted because they took him from hospital and denied him treatment, despite showing they had his medication covered. Now, Jehovah’s Witnesses can stop their children potentially needing life-saving blood transfusions, yet they’re not prosecuted.

What’s the difference? Don’t just say religion, as it’s a moral and human issue. The media have blown this whole issue out of proportion, and made it into a witch hunt! They’re caring, still, for a dying child. It’s not neglect; look at the McCann’s, that was neglect and they’ve been turned into media-lovies.

A friend of mine has just said it superbly: The saddest thing of all is that the kid is in a foreign country on his own and his parents are in jail. How can anyone not see thats an outrage?

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