Donald Trump

I’m struggling to see why people are so bent out of shape about Donald Trump at the moment? It was only three weeks that a petition of 200,000+ signatures went viral to close the UK Borders after the awful terrorist attacks on Paris. Is it short memories or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Now, didn’t Franklin D. Roosevelt do something a similar during World War 2, using detention camps?  From records, there were over 100,000+ people there.

Trump said, ““It’s a temporary ban on not everybody, but many,” and “I would set up a system to see who qualifies to come in, who doesn’t.” … “we have to figure out what’s going on”.

Poorly phrased, maybe. Sensationalised, totally.
My view is that he’s fundamentally fucked up saying ‘muslims’, but getting <general> immigration under control when you’re effectively at war isn’t a bad thing, is it?

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