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Donald Trump

I’m struggling to see why people are so bent out of shape about Donald Trump at the moment? It was only three weeks that a petition of 200,000+ signatures went viral to close the UK Borders after the awful terrorist attacks on Paris. Is it short memories or have I got the wrong end of […]

Ashiya King

Ashiya King, the child who’s parents took him from hospital, is dying. His parents are basically waiting to be prosecuted because they took him from hospital and denied him treatment, despite showing they had his medication covered. Now, Jehovah’s Witnesses can stop their children potentially needing life-saving blood transfusions, yet they’re not prosecuted. What’s the […]

Liverpool’s Bierkeller

Liverpool’s Bierkeller venue is so close to being perfect; a venue that has so many positives, but one huge, unforgivable negative – the door staff. They are hostile, over-zealous, rude and intimidatory. Couple this with the Bierkeller’s entertainment policy, which is superb, and you have a mutually exclusive set-up, which borders on the hypocritical. Let […]


Photographers. They’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Real, talented photographers are hard to come by. I know a lot of people who own brilliant cameras, but I know only one person who can take a brilliant picture and therein lies the difference. Anyone can take a snap, but not many can memorable photograph. […]

New Years Honours List

Where the hell do I start with this New Years Honours List? It’s ridiculous! What ever happened to the “Unsung Hero”? To the person you’ve never heard of getting a gong? The whole thing is a bloody shambles, and stinks of public relations, image portrayal, positive action and a hint of inverse/reverse sexism (if such […]

Rush Hour Traffic

Firstly, if extreme language offends you, click here. After a week of shocking commutes, there’s a distinct trend I’ve found for the reasoning behind a build up of traffic. Awful lane discipline People on our roads need to understand that the left lane isn’t a slow lane, it’s not for poor people. It’s the fucking […]

Idiots on Toll Roads and Tunnels

To me, this is a beauty, the Toll Road/Tunnel idiot. You’re driving a long in your car (BTW, I’m sorry, but I’ve just bought an Audi to replace my BMW – long story) and you’re in a toll road/tunnel/whatever, why is it the people in front, sometimes, fumble around looking for money and spend ages […]

Wrong numbers

This one actually happened a while back, but I’ve not had the chance to write about it, inbetween doing nothing and going on holiday, I’ve not had the time. I was in the house, watching TV when the landline went, which is fairly unusual in it’s own right, it’s mostly wrong numbers I get anyways […]

PPI Agencies

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve just been strangely happy lately, but it’s all come tumbling down like the proverbial sack of… So, it’s happened to all of us. You’re sat there in work, beavering away and the phone goes, “Hello, John speaking”, I say. Next thing I hear is either an automated message from […]

The Motorway Services Pub

This idea of Wetherspoon’s opening a pub on the M40 motorway is ridiculous. One swift, yet hefty, blow to the anti-drink-drive campaigns that have done so much good work over the years. It’s been defended by some, saying that a coach load of people can stop for a meal and a drink. Well, firstly, have […]

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