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The Falklands

We all know what happened back in 1982 – that will never be forgotten, but with Argentina continually laying claim the Islas Malvinas, our country should really look at what The Falklands are to us. Firstly, we cannot afford another conflict. Secondly, we do not want another conflict. So, a solution? Sell the islands to […]

Car Park Stalking

You’ve probably done it yourself. Gone into a car park, found a nice big bit of empty space to park your beloved car – and when you come out, someone has gone and parked right next to you. Not in space near you, no, that’d be too easy – I mean adjacent, next to, alongside. […]

“Celebrity” Big Brother

I mean fucking hell. Celebrity? Rylan? “Speidi”? How, in the name of all that’s holy, can any of them be classed as celebrties? What the hell is a celebrity these days? A camp lad from Essex who can’t sing but “entertains” (and I use that term very loosely) – or a pair of American quims […]

Wake up and smell the coffee

So, Starbucks are still saying that they’re not happy about the plethora of cheap-shots that has been directed at them in the UK media? Big deal. If they want to avoid paying mass tax, then they can take a few jibes?! If someone said to me that I could pay 10% of my current tax […]

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