Work!? Yes, in my spare time away from work, I do web sites for various people – friends and clients. Many clients become friends. Most sites are crafted in Joomla or WordPress.

  • Car tuners (Gallery, Content Management, eCommerce)
  • Journalists (Blogs, details)
  • Ceramics (eCommerce)
  • Amateur Racing Drivers (Blogs,details)
  • Builders (Gallery, Content mangement)
  • Salons (Gallery, Content Management)
  • Restaurants (Gallery Content Management)

Sites are initially created by me, but not neccessariily maintained by me. I can provide an idea -> execution path for people including e-commerce shopping facilites. I do web hosting as well, so I can provide an all-in-one package.

I’m able to create anything you want, within reason. If I can’t, then I can certainly point you towards people who can (but who are more expensive than me). The sites I create are based on industry standard software: Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, vBulletin. I don’t make any money on the software, it’s either open source or bought and charged at  cost. I make my cut from the design, implementation and hosting of the sites.

For sites hosted on WordPress, I recommend that my iPad-owning customers purchase BlogPad Pro for £2.99 from the Apple Store. A superb product that allows easy-editing of the site, once configured.

All sites are hosted on robust Linux servers, with cPanel, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This allows most available software to be used.

eCommerce is something I can very much offer people – with interfaces to PayPal, WorldPay and SagePay. If you want anything costing up for work, let me know…