New York 2014

Well, you’ve heard it all before. New York, New York. So good they named it twice. It used to be because it was a City and a complete State; but not any more. Now it’s one of the safest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world, containing some breathtaking modern sights combined with multiple different architectures with European influences.

We took a 5 day trip, from March 5th onwards and one word could sum up the whole trip: spectacular. It literally was so good that it’s impossible to say what the best part was? The 9/11 Memorial? The Empire State Building Observation Deck? The Rockefeller Centre? 5th Avenue? Times Square? The Statue of Liberty? Grand Central Station? It can go and on.

It was cold when we arrived, in fact, with the wind-chill, it approached -17 degrees C on our second day, but it added to charm of the place. Jeans, T-shirt, Sweater, Coat, Hood, Scarf, Gloves and I was <just> about warm enough. I don’t think I’d like to go back to NYC when it’s warm, I fear it might be stifling. I know what London is like in the summer months, and New York might end up like that – I hate London, and I don’t want to hate New York.

I know New York has a reputation for the locals being rude, but we did not see a single piece of evidence to support that. In fact, all we saw were friendly people going about their daily business, with no hassle, no dramas; the English are more rude. Trust me, I’m one of them!

The food in New York is something to behold. We went through both ends of the spectrum; cheap sandwiches from a Bagel shop on 8th Ave and 52nd St to a fine diner at Uncle Jacks on 56th Street. We tried food in Little Italy at Benito One, which was just like being Rome, a real family, rustic feel.

Would I go back? Yes. Do I want to go back? Yes. When do I want to go back? ASAP. New York, I thank you for a wonderful time.