Passive Income – What do I use?

The internet is rife about ways of playing various markets, schemes or whatever to make a passive income. Most of them are crap. Well, 99% of them are crap. I’ve looked, evaluated and decided against all of them. However, two have caught my eye, because of first-person recommedations and proof. A friends of mine has made good money from these schemes, so i thought I’d give it a go, and true to his promise, I’m now making some cash – around 8 weeks after starting. I’ve been dubious about passing these on to people until I know that they work. I started with Banners Broker in November, I’ve invested and now, I’m making money. Needs 15 minutes 3 times a week to check on your account.

The first one is business: Banners Broker is an online advertising network that manages the sourcing, publishing and performance tracking of ads that make the connection between advertisers and publishers around the world.

The second one is iLivingApp where personal growth meets advertising. The site is new, the venture is new. Try it, but try small. That’s what i’m doing. There’s no major investment, just a few pounds (or dollars) per month to try it. It’s worth a shout in my opinion.

I’ll keep you posted!